Waterfall now supports 1.13!

Discussion in 'Waterfall Announcements & Information' started by jamierocks, Jul 20, 2018.

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    Thanks to the efforts of our newest team member @electronicboy, Waterfall now supports Minecraft 1.13! This support is currently from our own patch, not Bungeecord's - though we will be merging their support as soon as they release it.

    With that, Waterfall now supports Minecraft version 1.8.x through 1.13. We continue to support Minecraft 1.7 through Travertine, though as-always you're much better off updating your server.

    You can find the Waterfall 1.13 builds over here: https://ci.destroystokyo.com/job/Waterfall/
    You can find Travertine builds over here: https://ci.destroystokyo.com/job/Travertine/

    Please report any issues you run into on our Issue Tracker, and have a wonderful day!

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