Waterfall now supports 1.12

Discussion in 'Waterfall Announcements & Information' started by jamierocks, Jun 8, 2017.

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    With perhaps not as much haste as with previous update, I have just merged the Bungeecord 1.12 update into Waterfall. The 1.12 update did not break very many patches, and our pre-release updates didn't seem to bring with them many bug reports so I would say there is a good chance the build is fairly stable. As always we will keep in line with Bungeecord updates, and fix issues caused by our changes should any come up.

    Waterfall now supports 1.8 through to 1.12, for 1.7 support use Travertine. Although really you should be updating your servers ;)

    You can find the Waterfall 1.12 builds over here: https://ci.destroystokyo.com/job/Waterfall/

    As always, please report any issues you occur on our Issue Tracker, and have a wonderful day!

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