Waterfall now supports 1.12-pre5

Discussion in 'Waterfall Announcements & Information' started by jamierocks, May 14, 2017.

  1. jamierocks

    jamierocks Waterfall Core Developer Waterfall Core Developer

    It's that time again, and a new Minecraft version is supported by Waterfall! This time it is a pre-release version of Minecraft, and we will keep an eye out for when Spigot makes the full 1.12 BungeeCord update - rest assured we will merge that ASAP.

    You can find the 1.12-pre5 builds over here: https://ci.destroystokyo.com/job/Waterfall/

    As always, please report any issues you occur on our Issue Tracker, and have a wonderful day!

    EDIT: We have now merged in the 1.12-pre5 update
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  2. WAS

    WAS New Member

    Are you guys actively working on your own Waterfall fork or just playing catch-up with BungeeCord? I'd imagine you'd all be working on your own versions, and just merging in anything new that you may not have developed from BungeeCord. Or are you just forking Bungee and applying what seems like various small tweaks. Which imo doesn't constitute re-branding the fork with a new name. Maybe just BungeeCord+.

    Usually a fork is just that. It's forked and from there out is a new project under development. Otherwise it's not really a fork. More a revision of versions continuously merged..
  3. MiniDigger

    MiniDigger New Member

    waterfall is a work to bungee like spigot was to bukkit and paper is to spigot. don't see the problem here.
    as you can see in the commits, this update was just merging upstream and fixing patches.
  4. Techcable

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    I'd say we're mostly trying to keep up to date with upstream Bungee, and I'm grateful to @jamierocks for doing so. Were it not for him, Waterfall would be quickly out of date as @Tux and I are somewhat inactive.
    Just because waterfall merges changes from upstream doesn't mean it isn't a fork, since both Paper and Spigot merge changes from upstream too.
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  5. WAS

    WAS New Member

    I'm just trying to see the real benefits to Waterfall besides some tweaks. Couldn't there actively be more done? It seems to be starting a trend of forks that eventually die off.

    The forums here are a chilling reminder of that it seems. What's up with all the underground pill sales? xD
  6. MiniDigger

    MiniDigger New Member

    here is a list of improvements waterfall has: https://github.com/WaterfallMC/Waterfall/tree/master/BungeeCord-Patches
    I am sure the team appreciates your contributions if you create a pull request on github.
    waterfall isn't that new tho and I don't really see what trend you mean, but why would the waterfall team care about other forks that are dying? doesn't make sense to me.
    these forums are somewhat dead since most ppl use the irc for communicating.
  7. WAS

    WAS New Member

    When I say new, I span from DMCA incident. And yes, there are many. You can literally see the forks on github and such. There have been a lot, and ALL of them are practically dead or broken besides Paperclip and Spigot. Heck even I had a fork of Bukkit years ago I tried to do: "Pail" (though was completely useless as I didn't know Java and was literally changing nothing but branding and strings for a custom server)

    These forums should be maintained regardless or shut down. I mean really? Just because the regular users use IRC doesn't mean the majority of actual users do or will. I haven't used IRC in over 15 years lol There are forums and other software more appropriate to development and such. For example, HumHub is literally geared towards development communities so they can work together, and interact.

    This whole website is a serious sore for Paperclip and shouldn't be showing up with pill advertisements in it's Google searches first thing o_O...
  8. jamierocks

    jamierocks Waterfall Core Developer Waterfall Core Developer

    Unfortunately we do not have the staff at hand to remove all the spam immediately, and the spam is coming in almost as quick as we can remove it. To be honest, a better spam protection system needs to be put into place. Regardless this thread has gone far off topic :p

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