Waterfall 1.11.2 & Travertine fixes

Discussion in 'Waterfall Announcements & Information' started by Tux, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Tux

    Tux Waterfall Core Developer Waterfall Core Developer

    Hello everyone!

    Some of you may not know, but Waterfall was updated to 1.11.2 a few weeks ago. There are no other major changes.

    As for Travertine, I've now fixed the build (but there may be bugs that you should report). I've also established a CI server at https://ci.minimum.io/.

    Have a great 2017!
  2. Viesturs

    Viesturs New Member

    Thanks for hard work! i will test first time on my server!

    You too have great 2017!
  3. cyberfall

    cyberfall New Member

    Just a quick thank you to the Travertine crew - you are amazing. Thank you for the updates that allow existing networks with older packs and versions to continue providing legacy content as well as expanding forward to the future.

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