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    Hi everyone,

    It's been some time since we made one of these posts, so first of all we'd just like to say thanks for using Paper.

    We've just released Paper for Minecraft 1.12! As with any Minecraft update, you should update frequently and make regular backups. With this release, it is also recommended to test your plugins to ensure they continue to work as expected.

    Now let's jump into what we think you should know:


    As with all older versions of Minecraft, 1.11.2 now enters a lessened support phase, in which it will no longer see minor bug fixes, performance improvements, feature additions, or other changes. The only things it may see are fixes for severe bugs or exploits, but that will be determined 'at will' by the team as the future unfolds.

    As such, build #1104 is now the final release of Paper for Minecraft 1.11.2. Those of you who wish to hold off on updating to 1.12 should ensure you're using that version.

    Plugin Compatibility

    Upstream has removed several deprecated APIs that were in use by older plugins. Any plugin that hasn't been updated since 1.7 or so may experience some breakage.

    Further, they have updated the versions of some libraries that ship with the server. Some of the changes in those updated libraries may result in plugin breakage, so it would be smart to run a copy of your server with the latest version and test your featureset to make sure it continues to work as you expect.

    For specifics on some of these changes, please see SpigotMC's post on this topic.

    Feature Removals

    The only notable Paper feature removal for 1.12 is the removal of the "enable-old-tnt-cannon-behaviors" patch.

    While we are always sad to see a feature leave Paper, there are a few things that should be noted about this removal:
    • This feature was written specifically for Minecraft 1.8 and has not worked reliably since then
    • The code that drove this feature was almost completely undocumented and difficult to maintain
    • The contributors that submitted this change to us are no longer regular contributors :(
    • Most servers that demand this feature do not actually keep up-to-date with the latest Minecraft version
    • We are open to its return in the future
    We did, however, keep the feature that forces TNT to not move in water. It is now called "prevent-tnt-from-moving-in-water" and will be enabled by default for those of you had the old setting enabled.

    We hope this makes things clearer and helps you understand why we made the decision to remove this feature.

    Future Goals

    Paper has two major goals on the horizon that are a bit beyond the norm for us.
    • Better Documentation
    • Nicer website and downloads
    Paper has always had rudimentary documentation, JavaDocs and a few words on ReadTheDocs, but now that 1.12 is out of the way, we are elevating documentation to a much higher priority. @Z750 has already begun writing documentation on a broad number of topics related to Paper and running a server. Our hope is to create a documentation experience that can be used as a one stop shop for everyone from the casual administrator to developers using our API. It is built on the reStructuredText format for documentation and a tiny bit of nodejs. The underlying system is based off of that used by the SpongeDocs team, so a huge shout out to everyone over there.

    Finally, we'd like to make our downloads experience nicer. We've used an interestingly named domain and a Jenkins instance to build and provide downloads for years now. We've found that it can be confusing for users and often creates an information overload for them. We're still investigating a proper front end solution to make downloads more presentable and tie together documentation, downloads, and more however we hope to have more progress on this front in the future.


    To conclude this post, we'd all just like to say thanks. Thanks to everyone who hangs with us in the IRC room (#paper on SpigotIRC and #paper on Esper). Thanks to those who submit bug reports. Thanks to those that contribute code back to us. Thanks to those who just use Paper.

    You're all appreciated and I'm happy that we're all apart of the same little community here.

    Now go on and enjoy Minecraft 1.12!

    -- PaperMC and Contributors
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    It's good to see PaperMC moving forwards.
    It's a shame to see some of the relied on (but deprecated) apis removed.
    But hopefully that'll cut some of the fat away.
    We can't be relying on keeping obselete stuff in forever.

    God job guys!
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    Thank you guys for the effort. I'm really grateful you always take your time and invest it into a software, that helps many of us to provide our players with better performance, to implement more exotical ideas and to create a more refined experience for everyone.

    Keep up the great work, and good luck on accomplishing the future goals. I am a big fan of more documentation in general, so I'm excited to see what you guys got in your sleeves :)
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    I'm glad to hear you will be cleaning things up a bit and making everything more user friendly!

    I haven't had any issues with using your Jenkins as the download hub. I actually like the way you've linked what build # is for each version and have linked the latest build right here on your site.

    If you were to move the download links onto your website I believe I would still use your Jenkins. It is a peace of mind thing for me, knowing I have the latest version because I can see all of your recent builds, choose exactly which one I want, and while I'm there I can easily see the documentation in what each update changed.

    I AM excited for the additional documentation though! I've always had troubles using the Read The Docs pages. I discovered them by accident during a Google search and after using them on and off for a year now I still haven't figured out where I can select the version I want documentation for. I usually just change the version in the URL and hope it works. It also seems like some of the configurable options are missing from the docs for each version.

    Good luck moving forward!
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    Thank you @Z750 and the team for your continued work and support of Paper.

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