Paper 1.11 and 1.10.2 backports

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    Hi all,

    As some of you were eager to point out, the Aquifer forums were down when we updated Paper to 1.11. While the PaperMC team does not manage Aquifer itself, we worked with the team who does to assist in any way possible. Sure enough, Aquifer is back up. So let's talk.

    Paper 1.11

    Edit: 2016-12-20: Paper for 1.11.1 has been released.
    EditEdit: and Paper for 1.11.2

    Paper 1.11 has been released and has been surprisingly stable for such an immediate release. It performs nearly identically to the later releases of 1.10.2, and now perhaps even slightly better. Indeed, it was a relatively small update from Mojang. The biggest thing holding up any server from updating should be plugin releases. As with any major update, the NMS revision has changed so plugins accessing server internals will need to be updated.

    As always, and especially after an update like this, those of you on 1.11 builds should be staying up to date as new builds come out, and always checking to make sure your server is on the latest version before reporting any issues to us. Which brings us to...

    1.10.2 Backports

    The release of 1.11 brought along with it several new bugs that were originally attributed to the update itself. It was later discovered that some of these had been in minecraft (and Paper!) for a while now. Given how recently 1.11 was released, we have backported two important fixes to the final Paper 1.10 build, (916).

    I have just now released the second backport update, build 916.2. So those of you who are on 1.10 and can't or won't update, please re-download build 916 from the CI here, to get the latest version.

    There's a slightly less pretty, but just as accurate as NOTICE.txt file included on that page, for some more detail. Of course, we have also updated the ver/1.10.2 branch on GitHub, so those of you that build from source can also have these latest backports.

    Once you've done that, you can verify that you have the latest version by using the '/version' command in game, console, or the command line switch. As of now, up-to-date versions will show 'git-Paper-916.2'

    Wrap up

    That's all we have for this post. We are currently seeing lots of improvements in performance and feature-set in the latest 1.11 versions so please get up-to-date as soon as you can.

    As highlighted by Aquifer's outage, if you ever need to keep up with the latest news and announcements from the PaperMC team, you can follow us on Twitter, @PaperPowered.

    In closing, I'd like to thank those of you that keep supporting us. Whether that be by donating your time, your code, your experience, your money, or just by using our software.

    Thanks everyone
    - Z
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    Please create tutorial for build PaperSpigot 1.10.
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    not hard, you just run paperclip
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