About Waterfall

Waterfall is a drag and drop replacement for BungeeCord that adds new features, fixes bugs, and improves performance.
  • 1.10, 1.9.x, and 1.8.x support
  • Allow owners to remove servers or change addresses on reload
  • Tab Complete throttling
    • Some badly coded plugins take a lot of CPU to do tab-complete
    • Bad people can take advantage of this and overload your server by spamming tab-complete packets
  • Enable TCP_NODELAY to reduce latency (ping time)
  • Removed the security manager
    • There is very limited benefit in having the security manager at present
    • It can be easily disabled by experts, and badly behaved plugins can affect you in worse ways
  • Allow configuration of the log file path/filename
    • If you have bungee on a SSD, you can configure the log to be on a regular hard drive
  • Include Iceee's patch for limiting GC spikes
  • Set a more reasonable Recycler Capacity
  • Default Netty Recycler capacity is 262k~, resulting in major memory consumption over long runtimes that will never free.
  • Allow modification of messages with a messages.properties files
  • Better Forge compatibility
    • Negative packet IDs are supported
    • IP forwarding support (for Sponge)
  • Faster event execution
  • Allow tab-complete from console
  • Fix issues with legacy ping packets, causing CorruptedFrameException
  • Several performance tweaks
  • Many other bug fixes
You can download the latest version from the CI.
You can find our javadocs here. (hosted by Techcable).
You can talk to us on Spigot IRC on #waterfall.
You can find our source on GitHub.

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