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  1. ChiefMoneyBags
  2. Logics4
    Nope, bots are still here.
  3. Techcable
    When did this forum suddenly get so clean?
  4. Techcable
    When did this forum suddenly get so clean?
  5. Logics4
    Why so much spam threads? Like these bullshits advertising health care products? This is a software forum, not a hospital -.-
  6. WAS
    The bots are strong with this one.
  7. Bolean
    Bolean Z750
    @Z750 Can I ask? Is there paperspigot 1.11 not 1.11.2?
    1. Z750
      git clone [email protected]:PaperMC/Paper.git
      cd Paper/
      git checkout f4ea1998eed19a60fa9a43cc6665b857859b6e46
      ./paper jar

      I don't recommend you use it and it isn't supported so you do so at your own risk, but the code is all there if you want it.
      May 4, 2017
  8. Night
    Night electronicboy
    electronicboy was last seen: Viewing member profile LaxWasHere, A moment ago
    1. electronicboy
      o, hai stalker
      Apr 22, 2017
  9. DonaldTrump
    Bomb 'em all
  10. ItzSomebody
    ItzSomebody Sudzzy
    Congrats donating $2000
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  11. jamierocks
  12. Viesturs
    I am new here!
  13. Z750
    I have just been made an administrator. As my first act of power abuse as a forums admin, I have fixed the download links for Waterfall.
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  14. soldier711
    soldier711 frash23
    Can you send me a newlink for SmashHit?
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  15. Nicklas
    Nicklas Ghoti
    Hey goat
  16. Xor
    No idea why I signed up here.
  17. SpacePuppeh
    SpacePuppeh camden
    Kat approved :3
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  18. Hex
    Hex Night
  19. Frozon
    Frozon Z750
    What did you change with the collide rule and scoreboard? It now causes plugins like Featherboard and animated names to crash the server :S
    1. Z750
      This is so hilariously far from the right way to report bugs.
      Nov 11, 2016
  20. Frozon
    Frozon jamierocks
    How do you get 1.7 to work on Travertine? Does it just do it automatically?
    1. jamierocks
      It should just work automatically, have you had any issues?
      Nov 2, 2016
    2. Frozon
      Yea, it didn't work automatically.
      Nov 3, 2016